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Enduromat FAQ:

Q. Why is it better than shade cloth?
A. Shade cloth is a woven fibreglass based product, hence slippery. It also frays & curls at edges. Shade cloth is designed to be hung not walked on.

Q.  Does it have a fire retardant?
A.  Yes it does, in fact it is the only matting on the market which has a fire retardant incorporated into the fabric.

Q. Is it slippery?
A. No, it is designed to be walked and driven on

Q. What is it made of?
A. It is a PVC WELDED FIBRE. This gives it its incredible strength.

Q. Can you put chairs & tables on it?
A. Yes because it is designed to be driven on it can take enormous weights without damaging the material.

Q. How does it keep the dirt out?
A. The smaller particles fall through & you are left with only the larger particles on top.

Q. Can you sweep the mat?
A. Yes it cleans up very easily.

Q. What is it like on mud?
A. Great. The mud dries underneath the matting & when you pack up it literally falls away or just give it a good shake & a hose down.

Q. Does it curl up like shade cloth?
A. No, the edging & eyelets holds the matting to the ground.  It works at its peak when secured neatly to the ground.

Q. Does it kink?
A. No, because there is not metal strip or fibre glass the matting will not kink.

Q. How does it pack up?
A. Very easily, all you do is fold it like a sheet & it will pack up the same every time. You can also roll & push it into small spaces without fear of damaging the mat.