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Latest News:

EnduroMat MATE has now been on the market for 4 years is proving to be all & more. Its applications are growing and we are finding more people using the matting not only for camping but also around the home. It is now being used as a maintenance mat in caravan parks, helping park owners preserve their green areas. Home owners are using it in the same manner, such as re=growing dead grass areas, using it around the pool & also keeping the dirt outside of their homes.

EnduroMat has moved premises. You will find us at 1527 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA, 6109.

EnduroMat MATE Australia continues to ensure all products to be environmentally sound. Our matting which is being tested on a regular basis and in different locations around the country is truly proving to be everything and more. EnduroMat MATE is now attending all the major Caravan & Motor Home Shows. Please don’t hesitate to invite us to your club rallies we thoroughly enjoy talking to our current customers & showing our products at these types of gatherings.


Barcaldine 2007:

In May 2007 we spent a week in the red dust in Barcaldine Central Queensland. We were at the CMCA rally with 900 motor homers. The impact of our matting on the talcum powder red dust was very gratifying. It immediately stopped the dirt from being walked inside the RV, it kept the dust from blowing around & when it was time to move on the dust just fell away from the mat. Its low maintenance qualities stood up to the gruelling environment. The results were very rewarding, especially when you can get information so quickly. We were amongst old customers & educating new travellers in regards to some products which are sold on the retail market.

Barcaldine 2007
Barcaldine 2007

Bendigo Big 4 Caravan Park:

While in Bendigo for the Bendigo Show the Big 4 Caravan Park was suffering in the wake of the drought.  We were approached to see if our product could help solve some of the problems they were facing with the dirt continually going into the pool.  We made a couple of very large mats which fit the area and the results were very good.  In fact even in the dry some of the grass started returning.  It also helped in suppressing the weeds.

Bendigo Pool
Bendigo Big 4 Pool Area 2007


It has been tested in areas such as:

• Sandy surfaces- sand does not pool on the surface of the matting
• Loam- is kept under the mat
• Red Dust- holds the dust down & falls away easily when packing up
• Gravel areas- nothing can damage the fabric
• Wood chip surfaces
• Mud- the fabric allows aeration underneath the mat and dries the mud

This information comes direct to us from our customer base therefore you can be sure we are not providing incorrect info.

Our latest information is “WE ARE THE ONLY MATTING ON THE MARKET WHICH INCORPORATES A FIRE RETARDANT”. This is big news, as we all know the risk of fire while we are enjoying the beautiful countryside of our country.

NEW PRODUCTS AVAILBLE [see our new products page]
EnduroMat is continually researching new products, we have now just completed a testing of our latest release product which is a -

We are always pleased to hear from our customers in regards to our product. If you have the time we do like to receive your views on our product & post them to our web page.

EnduroMat looks forward to meeting our customers at the shows so please don’t hesitate to speak with us if you see our EnduroMat Trade Stall.



Enduromate Trial Results at the Livingstone Shire Caravan Park:

LSC logo

Being this close to the industry we have been able to assess for ourselves what problems the caravan park managers and owners do have in maintaining their grassed areas & they believe that educating people within the industry and thus offering the correct types of matting will make an enormous difference to their environment. In fact we have one caravan park here publicly experimenting with EnduroMat.

They placed the mat over a dead area of grass where there would be a lot of foot traffic, the area was re-seeded & within 1 month they have successfully grown fresh new grass. Showing the proof in such an experiment is one thing but having it public was the best form of advertising we could have hoped for.

Enduromat in place surrounded by dead earth
Enduromat in place surrounded by dead earth.
The same area one month later, note the healthy regrowth.
The same area one month later, note the healthy regrowth.