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These testimonials are from our customers who we encourage to write to us. So if you have any thoughts about our products please send us a letter or an email & we will publish this to the web.


"Dear Kathleen,

I’m writing to let you know I am delighted with your product EnduroMat Mate.  My PRU is a Toyota Campervan which is quite small and I find myself sitting around the van quite a lot.  I have a small dog who jumps in and out of the van and I find now that I am using EnduroMat the dirt is definitely staying outside and not being spread all over the unit including  my bedding.  It is much better than walking on wet grass, sand or gravel.  It is easy to manipulate, which is important to me as I have back problems and am not as young as I use to be.  I thought I should send you this photo.  I was stuck in sand and as a last resort we used the matting as traction and low and behold the vehicle became unstuck and the fabric did not rip or tear. 

It definitely does not kill the . It’s easy to manipulate and takes no room for storage. Once again a truly innovative product.


Judy Kaye
02 4971 1126 [CMCA Member NSW]"


"To Kathleen,

I would like to congratulate you on your EnduroMat MATE.  As we bush camp along a river where the damp ground is covered with leaves and sticks etc which clings to your boots, Its so easy, wipe your feet and sweep it away. We also camp behind the sand dunes, the mat is great, wipe your feet on it, and the sand disappears.

Yours Sincerely

Les Johnson
Fisherman from Moe Victoria"


"I do a lot of fishing and camping and I have found the EnduroMat works very well. I sit by the river on the matting and at times the bank is quite wet, but I stay dry and a lot cleaner.  The fishing bag is great as I do stand in the water a lot. It is definitely great for fishing as I am not carrying around the extra water. We also have the shower mat and bag and we think it’s about time someone has thought of something as unique as this. And a personal thankyou for being so quick on delivery.


Chris Hazeleden Victoria"


To EnduroMat Mate

I am a 4WD & camping enthusiast & I have used the new EnduroMat Rear Wheel Storage Bag.  It proved to be one of the handiest vehicle accessories I have recently purchased.  Not only did it carry all our rubbish but we also used it to carry empty water bottles & other items which didn’t need to be stowed inside the vehicle.  Well done EnduroMat.  No More smelly rubbish inside our 4WD.

John Eccles
Sunshine Coast
Ph. No. Supplied
June 2007


Hi Folks!

We are E-mailing you to congratulate you on a wonderful product. We purchased a 5m x 2.45m Enduro Mat for our 20ft caravan & the first time we had a chance to try it out was at Birdsville at race time, where we camped on the banks of the Diamantine.  Here there is NO grass only dusty grey river loam.
We found the Enduro Mat was great with all the loam just falling straight through the mat again as you walked on it which meant the grey loam stayed outside & NO need to shake it before folding the mat up as the dust just falling straight out, we have also used it on grassed areas with NO harmful effect to the grass when we picked the  Enduro Mat up too pack it away, this mat has made our travelling much easier as the mat is also light & easy to store - again congratulations on a wonderful product, we would recommend Enduro Mat too all fellow travellers.

Regards, Cec & Caroline Central Queensland.

Please see attached photo of our van (with the annexe) camped on the Diamantina at Birdsville.


RV’ers say

“Thankyou EnduroMat
We spread our EnduroMat our RV on newly lain turf whilst enjoying a 4 week stay at a NSW Caravan Park, much to the dismay of the caravan park manager, who expressed his concern for his newly lain turf, which may die under our mat! We assured him that the EnduroMat was the friendliest environment mat for all RV’ers & to trust us in our decision as we were also environmentally conscious & would do nothing to harm his new lawn. He allowed us to have our way & imagine the “surprise” on his face when we broke camp, 4 weeks later. Not only was his turf in tact but new shoots appeared, his comment I quote,” I wish every RV & Camper would use EnduroMat. It’s really marvellous & not at all intrusive”. So thankyou EnduroMat for such a great product. We use our mat often & not only recommend the mat but all you new product. The girls love the new peg bags. Keep on keeping the good ideas coming
Max & Tricia of Buderim Q. The Travelling Trews

Roses for the Idea
Roses for the making
Roses for the service
Roses for being aware


Hi Kathleen and Dave,

Just a short email to let you know how thrilled I am with the shower mat.   Fellow travelers have shown interest in it so hope you receive a few enquiries.

The mats are great outside the van, really comfortable to step on and easy to transport and maintain.

We have placed one outside our backdoor at home and it has completely stopped dirt on entry and great in wet weather.

Congratulations on a great product. Hope to see you when we return to Emu Park in the not too distance future I hope!!!

Sue Stainton.