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EnduroMat MATE Matting has been specifically designed to be:

All this while keeping 75% of dirt outside of your recreational vehicle or tent as well as keeping the grass alive, which we know is an issue in the world of camping today.

The matting is edged & eyeleted for securing to the ground. The fabric, a Polyester coated mesh fibre has U V Protection and will maintain its colour; it allows the smaller particles of dirt to fall through leaving larger particles of dirt on the surface of the mat, which can then be swept away. Not only in the dirt but when camping around sand and wetland areas the matting still maintains its objective. Even though it is light weight it is incredibly strong, in fact a photo sent to the company, [from one of their very first customers], shows the matting being used as traction for a camping unit bogged in sand. [See testimonials] It is strong and light weight, a 6 metre mat weighs approximately 5kg, tables and chairs sit easily on the mat. It also creates a nice smooth surface to walk on, while allowing the grass to stay alive and flourish.

Maintenance of the mat is minimal; a quick hose down and shake and the matting is ready for storage. If you are packing up in a hurry and the matting is wet it will not be a problem, for it is mildew resistant.

EnduroMat can also be used to repair and protect damaged grassed areas of camping grounds or around your home. Placed over damaged areas and with a bit of preparation EnduroMat MATE will encourage re-growth of the grass.

New products have emerged from a similar fabric used in the matting and again focused on the outdoor lifestyle. EnduroMat has now developed the Hygienic Shower Mat & Bag. No more using thongs or towels to stand on in the public shower facilities. There is also the Tote Bag, which is great for the beach and the Utility Bag, which is great for the fisherman. All EnduroMat products are mildew resistant, can be rinsed quickly which removes the problem of odours.

EnduroMat MATE is sold in selected stores around Australia as well as a prompt and efficient Mail Order service. For further information regarding these products please visit our products page.

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7M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
7M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
6M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
6M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
5M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
5M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
4M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
4M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
3M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
3M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
2M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
2M X 2.45M Enduromat Matting
Enduromat Radiator Cover
Enduromat Radiator Cover

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