We are E-mailing you to congratulate you on a wonderful product. We purchased a 5m x 2.45m Enduro Mat for our 20ft caravan & the first time we had a chance to try it out was at Birdsville at race time, where we camped on the banks of the Diamantine. Here there is NO grass only dusty grey river loam.

We found the Enduro Mat was great with all the loam just falling straight through the mat again as you walked on it which meant the grey loam stayed outside & NO need to shake it before folding the mat up as the dust just falling straight out, we have also used it on grassed areas with NO harmful effect to the grass when we picked the Enduro Mat up too pack it away, this mat has made our travelling much easier as the mat is also light & easy to store – again congratulations on a wonderful product, we would recommend Enduro Mat too all fellow travellers.